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1997-2001 Junior researcher at the Molecular Biology and Biochemistry department at the Universitat de València (

2001-2005 PhD in Bioinformatics, at CMBI ( and NCMLS ( centres at Nijmegen University (The Netherlands) ( 

2005-2007 EMBO ( Postdoctoral fellow at the Bioinformatics Department at CIPF (Valencia). ( 

2007-2008 FIS contracted researcher at the Bioinformatics Department at CIPF (Valencia). (  

Since Sept 2008 Junior Group Leader in the Bioinformatics and Genomics Programme, at the CRG (Barcelona) (

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PhylomeDB V4 released

The new version of PhylomeDB has been released. Version 4  

Open positions in Gabaldon's lab

We have several open positions in our lab, associated to several of our main lines of research. Please check the details here.

MetaPhOrs: orthologs and paralogs accross 829 genomes, based on multiple phylogenetic evidence

We have launched MetaPhOrs, a meta-method to predict orthology and paralogy from multiple phylogenetic evidence. To maximize reliability and coverage, we retrieved gene trees from PhylomeDB, Ensembl, TreeFam and Orthogroups. In addition we built maximum likelihood trees for orthologous gene families in OrthoMCL, COG, and EggNOG.


PhylomeDB v3.0 released

A new version of PhylomeDB has been released. With over 400.000 phylogenetic trees, PhylomeDB is currently the major public phylogenetic repository. It contains phylomes from model (Human, Yeast, Drosophila, Arabidopsis), but also alternative models such as the fungal pathogen Candida albicans, or the insects T. castaneum, N. vitripenis  and A. pisum.  New features have been added to the user's front end, including fully interactive tree images and link outs to external information.


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DeathBase: a database on structure, evolution and function of proteins involved in apoptosis and other forms of cell death.

Deathbase, a database of proteins involved in cell death has been officialy launched. This database compiles relevant data on the function, structure and evolution of proteins involved in apoptosis and other forms of cell death in several organisms. DeathBase  is a joint effort betwen Gabaldon's group at CRG and the lab of Muñoz-Pinedo at IDIBELL. 


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